100 leads and
15-20 appointments
Become The #1 Real Estate
Agent In Your Area

A completely done-for-you marketing solution, so you can focus on selling real estate.


Spending All Day Cold Calling?

Are you spending all day calling strangers asking them to make the biggest financial decision of their life?

Constantly Asking For Referrals?

Are you asking friends and family to send you business, just to have no consistency or predictability of income?

No Data Behind Your Marketing?

Are you completely lost on the current metrics of your marketing actions? Do you have a REAL system in place to track and attribute deals and clients?

Burned By A Marketing Agency?

Working with marketing agencies that don’t deliver what they promise?

Gain Massive Awareness And 100+ Quality Leads With Local Authority Campaign

Our team of experts generate exclusive contacts using custom and compelling social media ads. These ads are hyper-targeted to your service area attracting interested real estate clients. We can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Contact Every Lead On Autopilot And Book More Appointments Using Two-Point Nurture

We deploy two-way messaging to contacts, which means real conversation and connection. No spam or emails, but proven SMS/email sequences that convert contacts into clients. If contacts aren’t ready to work tomorrow, we nurture them so you can build a long term pipeline full of clients.

Meet With Leads Actively Looking For An Agent With A Live Sales Assistant

Our team will call your new prospects to set up appointments directly on your calendar. You don't have to worry about follow-up, calls or chasing contacts.


Features That Help You Succeed

Get full exclusivity to the city of your choice. With our system, clients establish real market dominance.

Receive 24/7 support from our team when you have questions, via private channel.

We guarantee 15-20+ qualified appointments in 90 days.

Our Core

No Offices

Our clients pay for exceptional services, not fancy offices.


We make decisions backed by real-time numbers and analytics.

Client Obsession

Our main focus is your experience and results.

What Can We Do For You

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

At the end of this Discovery Call with the CEO Rares Solomie, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to ensure that your business has consistent and reliable results with Paid Advertising.
Find a time on Rares's calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!
Once you book your call, you will receive an email with a Zoom link please add the meeting to your calendar.
When it's time for the call, please be on your computer and in a quiet area so we can hear each other clearly.

Be sure to check the spam folder if you cannot find your email confirmation.
Please ensure business partners and decision-makers are present on the call.

This Discovery Call is perfect for:

• Agents & Brokers who are only using referrals to grow their business.
• Agents & Brokers looking to bring their offline business online.
• Agents & Brokers looking for a reliable agency that will prioritize their real estate business.
• Agents & Brokers who want a system in place to close more deals consistently.
• Agents & Brokers who aren't tech-savvy and want to apply modern marketing to their business.

Meet The Team

Rares Solomie

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Chief Marketing Officer


Google/Facebook Ads Expert


Google Ads Expert


Google/Facebook Ads Expert


SEO Expert


Client Relations Manager


Client Relations Manager


Client Relations Manager


Webflow Web Developer


Webflow Web Developer


Shopify Web Developer


Live Sales Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for brand new agents?
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Yes! We work with brand new agents constantly. If you are a brand new agent, we will help you break free from referrals and cold calling and help you put a real plan in place to grow your business.

Will this work for me?
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A performance guarantee, customer success manager to hold your hand throughout the whole process, and full exclusivity to your service area. We generate cold hard results, guaranteed.

Do you offer a guarantee?
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We do. If you show up, follow our process, and ask questions when they arise, we’re going to make sure you get a massive return on your investment.

Does this work with my current CRM?
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Our CRM is a pivotal piece to our system and it is what our team uses in order to nurture, follow up, and book appointments with your leads. As a client, it is very low maintenance and we do not require you to exclusively use our CRM if you don’t want to.

How quickly can I get started?
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After claiming your area on a consultation call, our team will build and launch your campaigns within 5 to 7 days. Speed is a core value, and we live our core values!

Does social media ads work?
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With the right experience and technology social media advertising is extremely effective. Before, you had to gamble on ads yourself trying to figure it out on your hard earned dollar. Instead, work with a team that has over 5 years of experience in the industry. We've dialled in a process that just works.

Do I pay at close?
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Commission only companies have robbed real estate agents across the United States for years. Why give up 30-40% of your commission just to do more deals? We offer a different investment structure. We want to put more of your net commission in your pocket, while saving you time in the process.

What makes Aiton Digital special?
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We have background in real estate, a performance guarantee, a team of A-players. Say goodbye to overpriced and ineffective real estate marketing services.

Do I pay more for extra leeds?
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We guarantee you 100+ leads 15-20+ appointments. If we overdeliver, it’s icing on top of the cake. We will never ask you to pay more for extra leads and appointments.

How do I know if my area is available ?
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Book a call with one of our team members. If your area is not available we will reach out and let you know before the call, and if it is, we will take you through our system on a call.


We care about charities.
That’s why we give our staff 1,000€ each to donate to the charity of their choice every year.

Become The #1 Real Estate Agent In Your Area

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